ROBIN RISES Resurrection Theme and that HELLSUIT

                                                 Image Credit: DC Comics

Hey Otakus and Geeks fans, As the Robin Rises story continue in Batman and Robin, more clues and themes are starting to emerge. Written by Peter Tomasi with art by Pat Gleason, Batman and Robin kicked off the new storyline in July, promising to bring "back" a Robin for Batman.

Now readers have learned that the story is not only depicting Bruce Wayne's mission to resurrect his deceased son Damian, but also to "resurrect" the Bat-family after it was figuratively destroyed during "Death of the Family." In last week's Batman and Robin #34, readers saw a reconciliation of sorts between Bruce and former Robins Jason, Dick and Tim, as well as current Batgirl, Barbara Gordon.
Although the story still focuses on returning Damian from the dead, the focus on the other Bat-characters (and the family-focused cover now revealed for November's Batman and Robin #36), could Tomasi and Gleason be positioning one of the former Robins to come "back" into the job?
As the story takes a break until October — for the unrelated Futures End issue.


Source:         Image Credit: DC Comics