News: Meet Morrison's Multiversity Marvel World

      Image Credit: DC Comics

Meet the Marvel Universe, as seen in the DC Universe.

While the full Multiversity guide won't be out until the full appendix sees print, DC Comics is slowly rolling out individual worlds on One of the first to get featured? Earth-8, which carries analogues of Marvel characters like the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and more. Check out the official description here:

For generations, life on Earth-8 passed like it does on our world. Largely uneventful, and when problems did arise, they were handled easily by the world’s large population of super heroes. Until a day finally arrived like no other, and Earth-8’s strongest heroes were forced to unite against a common threat. The Retaliators were born!Not quite what you were expecting? Perhaps that’s the best way to describe this world, populated with heroes such as the patriotic power soldier known as American Crusader, the lightning-charged warrior god Wundajin, the massively-morphing, quick to anger monster known as the Behemoth and the scientifically-minded, elementally-powered foursome known as the Future Family. Alongside such figures as Machinehead, Ladybug, Stuntmaster and the “neo-human” heroes of the G-Men, they keep their world safe from threats like the destructive Lord Havok and the Extremists.