Let's Look At: Destiny

 I don't think it's a surprise we love destiny! With numerous hours clocked in across the Alpha and Beta I cant imagine my self playing anything else once September 9th rolls around, and I'm sure you know the hype behind this game is enormous. But un-like some other triple A releases I have full confidence that Destiny will come out and be the game we were actually promised not some not some half ass shell of what could have been. So if you don't plan on getting Destiny here are some reasons you might wanna change your mind. Check out the 7 minute long trailer below.

 Destiny is a multi-player game with Bungie's Comunity support behind it, and that is a big deal arguably Bungie is the best in the industry when it comes to supporting its online community. Great example is how they handled the Halo franchise a series that has carried a console, and lead to numerous machinima custom maps and a community thriving to this day based upon the foundation they built. With successful series like Red vs Blue that used halo to deliver their content shows how Bungie cares for its community, in most situations some thing like that would be shut down. Another thing to look at is the numbers behind the beta, to show so much off a game and have the hype only increase is a hard thing to accomplish. When releasing a beta or any public pre-access at that you run the risk of people deciding that they don't like it before playing the actual release, and the response has been extremely positive. Check out Beta numbers below.
Also Destiny Is a MMO with out all the tedious MMO things. Bungie has managed to streamline the experience  of questing and made it a really easy to digest for you average gamer. While your die hard MMO player would likely scoff at the idea you can still approach destiny like your classic MMO and repeat quest for better loot. Its lowering the barrier of entry to the genre with little compromise for the core fan base. Last but not least the leveling and class system is amazing with branching trees two characters of the same class could play entirely different. Check out the level 29 Titan gameplay below.

Destiny is set for release on September 9, 2014 on PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360. We will be playing and hope you guys will be too.