Indie Game Preview: From Beneath


ey Otakus and Geeks fans. We attended Otakon and met some developers of a great mobile game coming soon to Tablets and Smart Phones. From Beneath is a survival horror game that keeps true to genre. Here is a quick bio about the game:


hen a group of people wake up in a strange, twisted version of their world, they must use their strength, wit, and survival skills in order to find a way out of the nightmare. But something sinister lurks, slowly eating away at their sanity, feeding from their fear. Their only hope is a unique ability, hidden deep within each of them. Will they embrace their gift?

“From Beneath” brings a console-quality stealth horror experience to iOS and Android devices.

Experience a story seen from 8 different points of view. With unique characters and intertwining  paths.

Large explorable environments.

Mission based gameplay

Use your “gift” to sense nearby enemies.

Avoid prolonged exposure to enemies and gruesome scenes in order to maintain your character’s sanity.

As your character’s sanity depletes, the world changes and becomes even more nightmarish.

Seek out hidden documents throughout the levels in order to uncover more of the story and the dark secrets of the town.


irst Look:

From Beneath is due to be release sometime by the end of this year, but our first look and play of the demo..... It's pretty Awesome. It definitely keeps true to survival horror games and reminds me of games like Fatal Frame, Alone in the Dark, and Clock Tower. Each character in the game is unique and has their own unique skills to get them through the game. One thing I like about this game is when you encounter monsters and they spot you, it causes you to go into a state of fear that slows you down or you have an emotional response like crying. The graphics are really good for a mobile game. The environments look sharp and clear. I can't wait till it's released and we will keep you updated on the date.

Checkout the video interview below: