Geeky USB Flash Drives From infoThink

Hey fans of Batman, Marvel, One Piece, and Transformers. Check out what I found. I know some of you have a boring “USB Flash Drive” but worry no more, because I found an award winning company based in Taiwan. This company designs one of the best USB flash drive I've seen so far. infoThink is a professional designing company the produces not only USB Flash Drive, but also Portable Chargers and Memory Readers. Since 2008 infoThink has been designing USB Flash Drive as their main product. However in 2012 they had been authorized by Disney/Marvel to design the Avengers characters. With their distinctive design and hard work they were awarded with Best Licensee Award by Marvel.
infoThink has their way on designing there USB Flash Drive and other device. The originality and detail is by far really impressive. With the picture alone I am sold on buying their product.  If you’re a fan of Batman, Marvel, One Piece, and Transformer you need to check out to see the amazing collection they have of greatly designed product.
If you would like to purchase their product you can get it on by searching infothink.