Drakengard 3 Review

Drakengard 3 is the prequel to the Drakengard series. I picked
this up since it was a prequel and I thought it would pick me up to speed about the series.

I was wrong.

To me it was confusing. Then to find out that there are actually four different endings and DLC about the sisters to the game that links up to the first two games. I am just reviewing the prequel's main story so here is the review of Drakengard 3. Enjoy!

  Intoners live and guard the land with songs and magic. One Intoner, however, was fed up with sharing the responsibility of watching over the humans. Zero wants to kill her sisters. Nothing is going to get in her way. Besides, with a dragon by her side, "Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn".

  The story is pretty straight forward. Your playing as Zero in search for your sisters and killing them form Five to One. There are Chapters and within each chapter there are verses. Each chapter ends with the last verse and on that last verse there is a boss that you use your dragon, Mikhal. The story flows even giving you a prologue to begin the gameplay of the story until the end of the game.

  The gameplay, for me, needs more work. It's an RPG game so there are various weapons that can be equipped and be synthesize to make weapons that deal out a lot of damage. You can even change your style of weapon based on the enemies that you come across. For instance, you have a choice of a spear as a weapon. Spears are used for soldiers that have shields to knock them away. However, I have two problems with the gameplay. One, the camera can get annoying at times and can mess up a combo especially when you lock on unto an enemy. Don't get me started on the Dragon ride camera. It needs a lot of work. Second, the game does get harder as you progress however all of the enemies appear at the same time which has you to use more than one weapon. Unfortunately Zero cannot wield two weapons at the same time so constantly changing weapons to address the enemies, is hard work

Let's just say I died constantly.

   I love the characters in the game but mostly I love the personalities of the five sisters. Each sister has a quirky attribute about them, however there is a part of them that has something to do with their sexual interests. For instance we learn that Four, let's just say, has not been tampered with yet and this seems to make Zero angry. But Four suppresses the urge of her sexual desires and Intoners usually get their power from having sex with their disciples. Weird, right? Even the disciples have sexual or violent tendencies which makes the dialogues funny, interesting, and disturbing.

Voice Acting
   The voice acting in this game is pretty good. Tara Platt plays Zero and she gave alot of character to her. Zero is complex and murderous and I think Tara played Zero very well. Yuri Lowenthal was in it as well as well as Todd Haberkorn, Liam O'Brian, to name a few. They brought out the personality of each character especially the disciples' personalities and quirks. The dialogue is hilarious and there is a lot of inside jokes and innuendos that raises a lot of eyebrows.

   For a PS3 title it was beautiful. The cutscenes are flowed nicely and the surroundings. The music in this game is so beautiful and it sets the mood for everything.

Overall Grade/Replay Value
    I give this game a C-/6.5. It has a lot of replay value if you want to know the other endings. Other than that, the controls are really clunky and the storyline confuses me with the other endings. The game, for me, was not as polished as I thought it was, however, the characters, visuals, and music make up for most of the problems. If you also want to play a game for a while, this game does not disappoint of lack of content. If your just looking for a fun, bloody, beat-em up game to let out the stress of life, this game is for you (Rated M for mature).

I hope you enjoyed the review. Videogames Rule!!!!! ^-^