Cosplay FAMILY of the Week (Doctor Who Family Cosplay)

Working PR for Katsucon, I came across this stunning family of cosplayers. Of course, being a Whovian I HAD to grab a photo on my way to my next task. Unfortunately I didn't get the family's information, but I promised they'd be on Katsucon PR Tumblr. Needless to say, it still gets far more hits than I ever expected ^^

The CUTEST thing about this cosplay is that the girls say "exterminate!" in the cutest Dalek voices ever as they point their plungers for any and all photos. However, someone pointed out the BEST dirty joke awesomeness ever! The mother cosplays the tardis, which is indeed a female, and the father cosplays the Doctor, who often enters the Tardis ... you can fill in the rest of that dirty joke. haha