Nomino Review

Nomino is a new game app created by actor Dulè Hill, Talitha Watkins and Designer Rochelle Thwaites. The concept of this game is really unique. It takes the popular practice of posting photos online, then changes it into an interactive game. This challenges users to identify the subject of the photo or video in order to earn coins. The more coins you earn, the more you have to get  a prize. I've played the game for a few and I find it a bit challenging. The picture that was put up was random which made it even more challenging. However at the same time it's easy to answer. The reason for this is anyone can cheat on this game by Googling the answers. I highly suggest that they tweak the game a little. Maybe they can add a time limit so users won't have a chance to cheat. 

Overall this game is user friendly. However I just wish in the beginning of the game, they add a quick tutorial on how to use the app. The concept of earning points and getting prizes is great. However it will be better if there's more prizes. I know that the app is still young and has a lot more potential. I just can't help but think that they need to update the layout of the app. The layout needs to have the flow of the image and video go continually.

 After playing the game for almost a couple of hours. I only accumulate almost about 8,000 coins. This means I only averaged on answering 11 questions a day. That's why I really recommend that they give more rewards, or winning prizes for this game. Getting 395,000 points meant I have to average 24 questions a day. That being said the game will get iterating and people will lost interest on playing.

Nomino is available for iPad and iPhone in the AppStore, an Android version of Nomino is slated for release in mid-July.

Final Grade - 8/10