FALCON-CAP Goes Digital One Month Before ALL-NEW CAP Debut ( SDCC 2014)

Image Credit: Marvel Comics

Earlier this month Marvel announced that Sam Wilson would be stepping up and swooping into the mantle of Captain America in November. Well, as we learned Thursday at the “House of Ideas” panel at Comic-Con International: San Diego, it’s coming a month sooner. This October, Marvel will debut All-New Captain America: Fear Him,a six-part series in their Infinite Comic digital format set in the earliest days of Sam as Cap. Written by Avengers Arena’s Dennis Hopeless and drawn by Spawn artist Szymon Kudranski, it will give Wilson his first big test as Cap in a face-off with the fearful Scarecrow.

All-New Captain America: Fear Him is a psychological thriller set in the first few days of Sam Wilson’s tenure as Captain America,” says Hopeless. “This is more or less the story of Sam’s first big test as the All-New Cap. It bridges the gap between the current Captain America series and All-New Captain America #1.”

The person whom the subtitle warns to “Fear Him” is the aforementioned Scarecrow, a villain created by two of Iron Man’s co-creators Stan Lee and Don Heck. In the past he’s faced off against a diverse array of heroes including the X-Men, Ghost Rider, Spider-Man, Moon Knight – and even Captain America and Falcon, when they weren’t one and the same.

                                Image Credit: Marvel Comics

Source:Chris Arrant, Newsarama

Posted By: Sean Tucker