Carpet Ball (App Review)

Carpet Ball is a new Mobile App game available for I-Phone/ I-Pad users. The idea of the game is knock all of your opponents balls off the table. The first one to do this will win. The concept follows the same as pool with a little strategic elements of shuffleboard. Unfortunately while the concept and idea is there, however the execution isn't. For starters in order to enjoy this game, you will need two players with the same I-Phone, and must play over the same Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. Players must be in the same location and from there put your phones together to create the board. There is really not much to do with Carpet Ball unless you have a friend, the fun factor dies down after a few games, just hit the cue ball to your opponents side until you knock it out. The graphics isn't really the best and it's seems very generic. Unfortunately the app doesn't have much to offer, and the fact you need two phones, a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection and another friend to play is disappointing. With a price tag of $.99 you can try it for yourself and see, but I can't really co-sign this one.

Final Grade D+/4.5