25 Essential Anime Movies You Must Watch

Since Ashley did a post entitled "Anime For Necomers" (/www.otakusandgeeks.com/akusandgeeks.com/2014/07/anime-for-newcomers.html). I decided to add on to that with 25 Essential Anime Movies that you must watch. Now these movies are personal choices that I feel viewers will get a feel of anime. Keep in mind all these choices are my choices and I would love to hear what your choices are in the comment section.

25. Windaria
24. Venus Wars
23. Battle Angel
22. Voices Of A Distant Star
21. Appleseed
20.  Devilman
19. Summer Wars
18. Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade
17. Paprika
16. Steamboy
15. Colorful
14. Howl's Moving Castle
13. Street Fighter II
11. Project A-Ko
10. Vampire Hunter D
9. My Neighbor Totoro
8. Ninja Scroll
7. Tokyo Godfathers
6. Fist Of The North Star
5. Spirited Away
4. Perfect Blue
3. Ghost In The Shell
2. Akira
1. Grave of The Fireflies