Special Edition NYC 2014 Review

Special Edition NYC is a brand new comic book convention at Jacob Javitz Center. This convention is purely for the comic book fans, the artist and writers of the industry. I really enjoyed this con. There is no celebs, no one trying to promote anything but comic books and the industry of comics. For it's first year the convention didn't cover the entire comic con like NYCC. However I found this smaller convention to be more intimate for the guest and it worked. The con feature some great artist in alley, great cosplayers and some really cool panels strictly on comics. I attended the Marvel Panel entitle "Young Guns" which showcase Marvel's rising artist. We we're shown glimpse of  upcoming story arcs from Ultimate Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy and many more. The panels we're in depth and I really learned a lot from people who work for companies like Marvel and DC. 

Joker Poster Justin Purchased At Special Edition: NYC

The artist alley was great! I will say that I only brought one item from there, but if I didn't have a big move coming up I would have gone for broke. Fair pricing at the artist alley, and the guest artist and writers were a thrill to see. Overall this con has a promising future ahead. I can see them expanding on this too a wider scale in the Javits center. I wish there was more panels and more activities but it's just year one. This is a convention I will keep my eye out for. Check out my walkthrough of the convention below.