SkyBlew x Backdraft: Journeys In 1st Person Review

A couple of months ago I featured a Hip Hop artist by the name of SkyBlew on this site. He was featured on our "Geeks Who Do Music" spotlight (/ Well this time SkyBlew is back with all new music entitled "Journeys In 1st Person." Just like his previous release "Digi Destined", SkyBlew brings an amazing production and a storytelling theme as we get a glimpse of the artist in first person.

If you're tired of the hoe praising, drug selling, money flashing that continue to plague the genre I love. I suggest you give SkyBlew a listen. While he's not the only underground Hip Hop artist that brings positivity or the only geek rapper doing that. I will say listening to his music makes him standout. His music has an identity, he knows his audiences and his listeners. One of the most important things for any artist is to be themselves. SkyBlew knows this and you can hear it in his rhymes and you hear it in his production.

"Journeys In 1st Person" exceeds pass SkyBlew's previous entries. What make this entry standout is that we really get to see the world as SkyBlew views it. Unlike his previous entry "Digi Destined" which the focal point was otaku and geek culture, this entry is more grounded in the world of SkyBlew. Songs like "Ordinary Tuesday", "Island Of Serenity", "Blew Style That I Write" and "The Green Ballons" are the standout tracks to listen too. In this entry SkyBlew doesn't drop as much geeky references as he does in "Digi Destined." Instead of the geeky references and bars aimed at the culture, SkyBlew delivers lines and music for the everyday person. The subject matters target the music business, dream killers and staying true to your goals. Overall the message of this album is be yourself. While the subject matter might not be the most popular in the mainstream media, it's an important message to the audience that SkyBlew is targeting. One of my favorite lines from this album is from my favorite track "Ordinary Tuesday."

"No matter how they mask their existence with name brand clothes, they can't take it with them when they go. All you got is soul though some trade it away no amount equal to a better day." - "Ordinary Tuesday" By SkyBlew

SkyBlew continues to deliver lyrically on this EP, however his production is what really brings everything together. The sample tracks from classic Motown artist such as Marvin Gaye not only bring the value of the EP high, it also honors and pays homage to the artist he is sampling. I would say the only flaw I didn't really like was some of the features. While SkyBlew sets the flow and tone of the song, some of the features knock it out and some don't. The features don't ruin the songs by any means it's just some felt out of place.  Overall this is another solid EP from SkyBlew and you can check it out at (

Final Grade 4.5/5

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