Kill La Kill OST Review

There is a reason that "Kill La Kill" is one of the hottest anime's right now. Not only does the anime have great characters, an interesting story but along with all those ingredients Hiroyuki Sawano has composed one hell of a soundtrack. "Kill La Kill" OST is pack with different styles of music for fans. It has a mixture of rock, pop, classical and even some dance/house tracks. You would think with all these different sounds, that the soundtrack would sound all over the place. However this is not the case with "Kill La Kill." Hiroyuki Sawano has carefully integrated these sounds that not only set the tone for the anime, but also gives the soundtrack tons of replay value.

The album consist of eighteen songs, six songs are vocal tracks and the rest is orchestrated or instrumental tracks. The opening song "Before My Body Is Dry" by Miku Kobayashi is a great start off song. The song is a combination of rock and rap and it's one of my favorite tracks of the whole album. I personally would love a version without the rap in it. It's nothing against the artist I just feel like the rap felt out of place. Other than that little complaint the soundtrack is easy to listen from beginning to end. There wasn't a single track that I skip or felt that it didn't belong with the anime. Some of the stand out tracks are "Before My Body Is Dry", "I want to know", "KILL7la切ル" and "Light your heart up." Overall if your a fan of the anime I suggest you pick up the ost. It has amazing vocal tracks and amazing instrumental tracks as well. This album you can relax too, or even workout too. It's a killer soundtrack for a killer anime.

Final Rating - 4.5/5