Jay & Silent Bob Groovy Cartoon Movie Giveaway

In celebration of the release of Jay & Silent Bob Groovy Cartoon Movie. We here at Otakus and Geeks are giving three amazing prizes to 15 lucky winners. The rules are simple the first 15 people to answer these five multiple choice correctly will win. To submit your answers click on the green envelope on the right screen. Only one entry per person and one prize per person. Alos you must be living in the United States! Contest Ends May 9th 2014. *Hint* Search IMDB Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Trivia.



5 Laptop Covers
5 Jay and Silent Bob T-Shirts
5 American Milkshake DVD's

1. What are the names of Jay & Silent Bob Superhero Names?
A. Bluntman and Chronic
B. Chronic and Weedman
C. Bluntman and 420
D. Cap A Blunt and 420.

2. Kevin Smith's daughter has the same name as this comic book character?

A. Mary Jane
B. Harley Quinn
C. Pamela
D. Betty

3. Which Oscar winner has appeared in multiple Kevin Smith films?
A. Matt Damon
B. Heather Graham
C. Ben Affleck
D. A & C

4. Which of these two Star Wars actors appear in Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back?

A. Ewok and Mark Hamill
B. Carrie Fisher and Peter Mayhew
C. Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher
D. Anthony Daniels and Carrie Fisher

5. Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back orignal rating was?
A. NC-17
B. R