Four Advantages DC Cinematic Universe Has Over Marvel's

DC and Warner Bros are looking to finally give Marvel some competition in the cinematic world. However in the spirit of any competition you must know your opponents strengths and weaknesses. Here are four advantages that DC Cinematic Universe has over Marvel's.

1. Warner Bros Owns The Rights to DC's Comics Entire Catalog
This is one advantage that Warner Bros and DC need to capitalize on. Unlike Disney, Warner Bros owns the entire DC Catalog. There is no restrictions on who can appear in which movie. Sony owns Spider-Man movie rights, Fox owns Fantastic Four and X-Men. Marvel/Disney will have a hard time on having Spidey or Wolverine in "The Avengers" sequels. Unless a deal is made that will benefit all parties I don't see Spidey and Iron-Man standing side by side anytime soon. DC/Warner need to take advantage of this by establishing they characters in all forms in medium. Arrow has proven to be a success and The Flash recent trailer is getting positive feedback from fans and critics. There is nothing holding DC and Warner Bros back when it comes to introducing characters. While Disney and Marvel will have to cut deals and enter negotiations, Warner Bros can have an all out war with characters on the screen with no worries.

2. Arrow and The Flash TV Universe
If we can say one thing about DC and Warner Bros is they know television. Smallville was a success and Arrow is doing well. The Flash is building a lot of hype around it and this is something Marvel is still learning. Marvel's Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D is still trying to find it's footing on how the show will overall will play out. At this moment Arrow and The Flash are not connected to Man of Steel so there is no creative limitations. DC and Warner Bros should use this time to develop a connection between the worlds while Marvel is still trying to find it's footing. The Flash can be the key to linking the Justice League since he will be dealing with Star Labs on the show.  Marvel is playing catch up in the television world, while DC is playing catch up in the cinemas.

3. Animation
Hear me out before you start to flame me. Just because your universe is live action doesn't mean everything has to be live action. If comics books, videogames and novels are allow to bridge the gaps for side stories to movies, why can't animation do the same? DC and Warner Bros has always been consistent when it comes to animation, for the most part fans haven't been disappointed. We have seen Flashpoint, Son of Batman and the upcoming Arkham animation film. DC has a strong following of their animation and they should capitalize on it. A backstory on Cyborg before he appears in the Man of Steel sequel will be a great way to keep things going. While Marvel animation is good it hasn't reach the level DC offering does.

4. Entertainment Medium Outside Of Movies
Another advantage DC and Warner Bros should use is connections in other entertainment mediums. This is something Marvel might do with Dave Bautista for promotion of "Guardians of the Galaxy." If you have an actor that wears multiple hats use that to your advantage. If The Rock is cast as Shazam have him go back to the WWE and promote. The key is using every card in your deck, if that actor is also a singer do a song based on the movie to promote. Especially since Warner Bros also has a record label this will be another key advantage to use.