"Chris Claremont'​s X-Men" Now on Vimeo On Demand

Chris Claremont's X-Men, is now available for rent and purchase onVimeo On Demand. The film tells the story of X-Men’s creation, which was an incredible journey that had a big impact on the Marvel corporation.  In the 1970s, X-Men was on the brink of cancellation, but Marvel decided to give the title one more shot. Young writer Chris Claremont was tasked with writing a new team of international X-Men. Five years later, it was the biggest title in comics, and Claremont one of comics’ biggest stars.
This film tells the story of Chris and his small team of collaborators, who worked together to tell stories that inspired a generation of comics readers, and led directly to the creation of the blockbuster X-Men film franchise. The story of his groundbreaking seventeen year run on the title is also the story of a company in transition, of how Marvel moved from the free thinking “house of ideas” to a top down corporation, and how the success of the X-Men took away the very freedom that allowed Chris to create. The X-Men is a modern mythology, and this is the story of its creation, in the words of the people who made it happen. Check out the trailer below.

Chris Claremont's X-Men - Trailer from Respect Films on Vimeo.