Soundwall Combines Art With Sound

Remember the days of the stereo system where you use to insert your CD's or Casette tape? Do you remember how annoying connecting the wires were? What if you could have your favorite piece of artwork or photograph customized to also be a wireless sound system in your home and office? Now you can with Soundwall. Soundwall’s innovative design solves the problem of unsightly speakers, wires and cables in your living space. Simply hang up your framed Soundwall, plug it in, connect to your WIFI – then play music via AirPlay from any Apple device and UPnP for Android devices. I personally find this tech very intriguing. Imagine no stereo or surround sound all you need is a Wi-Fi or tablet and the Soundwall device. Every room can have there own Soundwall in the house. Soundwall has apparently capture the eye of celebrities like P.Diddy, as seen below he gave a customized Soundwall to his son Christian for his 16th birthday.

Soundwall In Action There are 3 ways to customize the look of your Soundwall:
Choose an image from our online Gallery (think Kandinsky)
Upload your personal image for us to Print (think last month’s Hawaii vaca)
Paint original art on a blank Soundwall (think your friend the starving artist)