Celebs That Failed At Launching A Music Career

It's Music Monday here at Otakus & Geeks.  I wanted to do something different today. Today I want to showcase celebrities that try to enter the music world and failed. When I mean by failed I mean they really should stick to their day job. This list consists of athletes, actors and some reality show personalities.

Hulk Hogan
I can't think of no better way to kick off this list other than with Hulk Hogan and The Wrestling Boot Band. In 1995 Hulk Hogan dropped an abomination on the music world entitled "Hulk Rules." In this ten track album Hogan attempts to rap, sing and even do a ballad for a child that was in the Make A Wish Foundation. The lyrics are laughable that not even a child would probably ignore how horrible it is. "I use to tear my shirt, but now you torn my heart. I knew  you were a Hulkamanic right from the very start." Enough said!

Kobe Bryant
Kobe and Hulk Hogan won't be the only athletes on the list. Many people know Kobe Bryant as one of the best basketball players ever. However his music career wasn't so hot. In the year 2000 Kobe released his single K.O.B.E featuring supermodel Tyra Banks. The song was canned by critics and Kobe was later dropped by Sony.

Deion Sanders
In December of 1994 Deion Sanders gave the world an early Christmas present. This Christmas present was not a present we deserve. Instead we endure a lump of coal with an album entitled "Prime Time." The album was released on Capitol Records and was trashed by critics. However one song will forever follow Deion Sanders and that is "Must Be The Money."

Tyra Banks
Tyra Banks is one of the most successful models ever. Sometimes success does not transfer to other areas of entertainment. In 2004 Tyra took a crack at music and release a single "Shake Ya Body." The single attracted negative reviews and Tyra put a stop to releasing an album.

Macho Man Randy Savage
Apparently wrestlers listen to a lot of rap music. Hogan tried to rap and failed, but the Macho Man Randy Savage doing a rap album oooh yeah it happen. In the fall of October 2003 the Macho Man released a rap album entitled "Be A Man." The song also feature a diss track aimed at Hulk Hogan also called "Be A Man." I personally listened to this album and words can't describe how a person will react once they hear it. Believe it or not Macho Man might be the best wrestler to do music besides John Cena. The album must have been something if 50 Cent gave it a shout out.

50 Cent Endorses Macho Man Album

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton released an album in 2006 entitled "Paris." Thankfully the album was only 40 minutes long and was huge flop, but it did manage to get a little buzz.

Kim Kardashian
Just press play enough said.