Worth Review

What happens to a hero when he becomes obselete? What happens to a hero when the praise and spotlight is taken away? What happens to a hero when he loses everything he holds dear? What happens to a hero when he loses faith in himself? These questions are raised and answered in the new graphic novel series "Worth." The new graphic novel is created by Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry.

Story - Grant Worth, Motor City’s most iconic hero. During the 1960’s, Worth’s ability to control machines made him a legend in Detroit. But when society’s technological advancements cause Worth’s power to become obsolete, he is forced to find out what happens when a superhero can no longer be super. I must say that I really enjoyed the concept and story of Worth Chapter 1. This is more of a character driven story, rather than an all action comic book. The protagonist of Grant Worth is something many people can relate too. He is a man just trying to do what's right, however situations happen that leave him broke, alone and a shell of his former self. As I was reading this I related Grant's character to those of famous Hollywood actors, who fell from the spotlight. Imagine a life where you're praised, beloved by many people and as the years pass you become obselete. It's hard thing to deal with for anybody in that position. However in this case instead of the Hollywood lifestyle it's the superhero lifestyle. Grant's Worth powers is the ability to communicate with machines. However as technology advanced he wasn't able to adapt to the new forms of technology which made him obselete. It's pretty heartbreaking to see Grant go from beloved hero to a has been. The story is written very well and the pacing is just right. I love the central theme of a hero falling from grace, and the philosphy of whether we as humans are too dependable on technology. Worth raises a lot of social issues on technology and it's not shy to tell you where it stands on both perspectives. This is a story that you are going to want to check out.