Lenni Reviews: Homer Simpson's Little Book of Laziness and Bart Simpson's Manual of Mischief

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These two books (which are kind enough to completely date me as the old lady who remembers when this show first came out) are a Simpson's fan/collector's dream. They are chock full jokes, stickers, one liners, inside jokes, mini comics, and faux advice on how to live like your favorite character. But if you're not a huge fan, I can't see reading these more than once.

As a collectors item, these are awesome. Books like these - character specific and with a ton of pullouts - are perfect to leaf through with the reverence of a true fan, then put them back on the shelf for the next time you get the urge to read them. As for me, I got a good chuckle, a deep sense of nostalgia, then put them away lest I lose one of those free flying pieces of paper.

As a total aside: The librarian in me is horrified by the loose parts in these books. They are circulation and shelving nightmares as we are not getting half of those little inserts back the first time that book is borrowed. I know these books are for collectors but those are gonna disappear from the book in no time.

To sum up; these are cute but fleeting and designed to not be opened very often. Reserve for true fans everywhere. You know who you are.