L'Arc~en~Ciel Make Annoucements At Tokyo's National Olympic Stadium Concert

On Saturday March 24 2014, I had the pleasure once again to watch L'Arc~en~Ciel in concert. I first saw them in 2012 for they live tour when they played in Madison Square Garden. This time I watch one of my J-Rock favorite bands on the big screen. I attended a live satellite screening of the concert in Time Square. The concert was amazing as always. Hyde and the gang really know how to put on a show. I'm happy one of favorite songs from the Butterfly album XXX was played. The concert also had a couple announcements from the band. One of the announcements is that they new single entitled "Everlasting" will be released on August 13th. The new single was the closing song of the concert and trust me it's awesome. Another announcement is that the concert will be available this fall for those who missed it. Finally L'Arc~en~Ciel will be releasing a new documentary about they 2012 world tour. The documentary is due to be released late December. One more thing to add about the concert is Tetsuya has green hair. It actually looks really good on him.  

Songs Played
01. CHASE 02. SEVENTH HEAVEN 03. REVELATION 04. GOOD LUCK MY WAY 05. BLESS 06. HONEY 07. winter fall 08. NEXUS 4 09. READY STEADY GO 10. metropolis 11. Mirai Sekai 12. kasou 13. MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM 14. the Fourth Avenue Cafe 15. XXX 16. shade of season 17. DRINK IT DOWN 18. EVERLASTING (NEW SONG) 19. Blame 20. Caress of Venus 21. Driver's High 22. Link 23. Anata