Color Cablest Review

Color Cablest brings to us a very cool unique way to having a cool effect on our cable wires. The company presents a way for our USB cables, I-Phone charges and more to basically glow in the dark. It's very simple and easy to do. The cables are infused with photo-luminescence that gives them a renewable glow and keeps them easy to find and identify which cable is connected to what. This makes the glow effect easy to obtain. All you have to do is keep your cables under a light source such as a lamp, sunlight or anything that gives off light. It's best to keep the cables under a light source for at least three hours to really show off the glow effect. The best thing about these cables you don't need an outlet to plug into to get the glow effect. The glow comes from natural light sources that you can get from anywhere. One more notable mention is that cables are very hard to tangle. I combine all the cables together and see if they would get tangle and it was very hard to do.

Overall if you looking for a cool effect for your usb cables, I-Phone and Android chargers then Color Cablest might be the product for you. It has a cool concept and it's really nice to see your cables glow while you charge your product. I would say the only downfall, is the time it takes for the light source to give the glow it's full effect. Other than that check it out.