Ted Mobsy's Most Romantic Moments

Since it is Valentine's Day week here at Otakus & Geeks and most of us are in the spirit of commericalized love. I can't think of no better way to celebrate this week than with one man's epic journey to find the one. A man who has had his up's and downs in the relationship world. A man who journey has taken nine seasons (nine years) to find the love his life. That man is no other then "How I Met Your Mother" Ted Mosby. Here is some Ted's most memorable romantic moments.

1. Stealing The Blue Horn For Robin

Nothing will make a girl say aww than taking an item she had her eye on at a restuarant. To prove how serious he felt about Robin, Ted did just that for Robin. The classic gesture was not only romantic but made Ted stand out above the rest of the pack.

2. Roses and Violin Quartet In Robin's Apartment
Red Roses symbolizes love for many people and Ted was no different. In the final episode of season 1. Ted surprises Robin with a violin classical band that he promises pizza too which they never recieved. He places tons of roses all the living room to showcase his affection and gives a nice speech. However this only made Robin push back from Ted due to her fear of relationship.

3. Ted's First Meeting With Victoria
Recently in the 9th season of "How I Met Your Mother" Robin named Victoria as Ted's best girlfriend. Go back and watch season 1 and you will why Victoria is number 1. Ted's first encounter with Victoria was magic. The first date they agreed to not know each other's names, no kissing and don't get attach. However it prove to be very hard for Ted and Victoria because they had so much chemisty. The date consists of slow dancing, Ted playing the piano and great conversation. This was not only Ted's best dates but one of his most romantic moments.

4. Ted Speed Date With Stella

What do you do when the object of your affection is constantly on the clock? You adjust the clock and speed it up a little to match the schedule. Ted did just that with Stella. Since Ted couldn't get a date with Stella in standard dating time. He decide to do something clever and pack a full date into less than two minutes. This was not only romantic but very slick of Ted to pull this off.

5. Make It Rain For You

Regardless of how ridiculous Ted looked or whether he believes he actually made it rain that night. You can't deny that Ted love for Robin was deep. Ted went to a rooftop and did a rain dance in hopes that the weather will stop Robin from going on a business trip. This showed that Ted will go to any length to make the woman he loves smile.

Honorable Mention: 45 Days

Probably the most heartfelt moment in the series and one of Josh Radnor (Ted) favorite moments. The epic speeech Ted gave to the mother in his time travel episode was powerful.

Ted has had many romantic moments but there is not enough time to list them all. Tell us your favorite romantic Ted moment in the comment section.