Heartbreaking Breakups In Anime

It's Valentines Day the day of love and affection and a lot of money spending. I wanted to do something different this year. Instead highlighting the moments that make you go aww that's so sweet. I wanted share some of the heartbreaking breakups in Anime. Let's check out a few couples that didn't make it, or broke up and got back together. Spoiler warning this contains spoilers of moments in the shows.

Krillin & Maron (Dragonball Z)

Krillin hasn't been lucky in the love department in DBZ until the end of the Android Saga. One of Krillin's most notable girlfriends Krillin has had is Maron. Maron was ditzy, simple minded and she was a golddigger. However Krillin had strong feelings for her and even went to great lengths to see that she was happy. He went on a underwater quest to get a pearl to propose to her. However on that quest he realize that Maron wasn't the one and he had to break up with her. While the break up was a sigh of relief from the Z warriors who didn't like Maron. Krillin's pain can be seen in the final scene of the episode of "Krillin's Proposal" where he hides his pain through laughter. That last scene is still one of the most heartbreaking moments in DBZ for me. Check out the video below. Don't feel bad for Krillin because he ends up with Android 18.

Kyoichi & Chiharu (Boys Be...)

For many people the biggest cause of break up is cheating. Cheating is what happen with Chiharu and Kyoichi on the show "Boys Be...". Chiharu was feeling insecure about herself and really needed someone there for her. Unfortunately Kyoichi wasn't around or didn't really express his concern for Chiharu's worries. Chiharu meets a guy who help her through her tough time while on a trip and ends up kissing him good night. After the kiss it's reveal Kyoichi witness the whole thing and the rest was history. This was one of the most shocking moments in the show.

Allen & Marie (Windaria)
Sometimes a breakup can happen and it's no one to fault. In "Windaria" Allen & Marie would be describe as a perfect match.The two characters have great chemistry, married and truly love each other. However Allen did something unforgivable when he released a value drowing people in his homeland killing everyone. He later finds out that Marie was also killed causing him to live in despair, but reflect on his life. A side note

Hachi & Shoji (NANA)

Cheating strikes again in the world of Anime. This time from the show "NANA." When Hachi finds out that Shoji cheated on her with a waitress it's not an easy thing to watch. Probably one of the most heartbreaking moments on this show.

Nanami & Yano (Bokura Ga Ita)

Nothing is more of a killer in any relationship than insecurity and scars from the past. Yano never really recovered from his dead girlfriend. This becomes a struggle for Nanami to get him to open up. Add into the mix that Yano has severe trust issue and this relationship will spell disaster.

What are some of your favorite heartbreaking breakups in Anime? Let us know in the comment section.