Geeks Who Do Music #5: SkyBlew

It's been a while since I did the "Geeks Who Do Music" feature. However I have another artist that you should definitely check out. This feature this time goes to a rapper name SkyBlew. I was introduced to SkyBlew's music through a retweet by one of our Twitter followers. I had a feeling that was a tweet I should pay attention too. I clicked on the tweet and follow the link to SkyBlew's Bandcamp page to his most recent release "The Digi Destined." I then proceeded to download the album and I was blown away. There are a lot of geeky rappers that throw in geek references in their lyrics. Sometimes the geek references have no relationship with the song, it's just thrown in there for the listener. 

What I like about SkyBlew is that his lyrics does contain geeky references, but it's cleverly put into the song relating to the overall topic or theme. The geek references don't feel awkward or out of place. In fact the references make sense, it makes you more intrigued on what SkyBlew will say next. A great example of his geeky lyrics is track six on his "The Digi Destined"album entitled "Dream Fighter 3rd Strike." This song can be interpreted in two ways. One way is SkyBlew's way of showing his lyrical onslaught to any challengers. The other way can be viewed from a gamer's perspective. The gamer who plays fighting games will love the lyrics in this song. One of the lyrics that will put a smile on a fighting gamer face is when SkyBlew raps. 

"You never been engaged to the game, I'm Ryu you powerless Johnny Cage lame. I make the wave the sang current thoughts on how you caliber. Ya'll ain't shooting for the stars you die in Galaga. Oh a new challenger you should've kept your quarter bro, you don't want the knuckles we know you drown in water bro." - SkyBlew (Dream 3D Fighter Strike)

While SkyBlew raps about things related to geek culture it's not all he raps about. He also raps about social issues, his views on the state of Hip-Hop and his life. My personal favorite track from his latest release is "Ballad Of The Dreamer." This is probably SkyBlew's most personal track on the album and it's the most uplifting. The production on this song fits the title very well. The beat makes you want to sit back and dream and plan your goals. It has a great message and the feature from an artist named Mega Ran ends the song nicely.

SkyBlew is an artist I will keep my eyes and ears on. He has a positive message, great lyrics and has a flow with versatility. His latest release "The Digi Destined" is fantastic and you check it out below. Also give him a like on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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