That Awkward Moment Review

"That Akward Moment" is a romantic comedy with some serious dramatic tones starring Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller. The film is directed and written by Tom Gormican. Unlike many romantic comedies "That Akward Moment" examines the view of relationship from the perspective of three young men. Is this the movie worth the price of admission?

Story - "That Akward Moment" is about three best friends who find themselves where we've all been- at that confusing "moment" in every dating relationship when you have to decide "So...where is this going?" As previous stated before "That Awkard Moment" examines the view of relationship from the perspective of young men. The characters Jason played by Zac Efron, Mikey played by Michael B Jordan and Daniel played by Miles Teller all have different situations and ways of handling them. Jason is the ladies man and unofficial ringleader of the group. He can be describe as a womanizer who tends to leave anything potential chance of a serious relationship when the woman ask where is this going. Mikey is the one who actually is the moral compass of the three. After finding out his wife has been cheating and wanting a divorce he has to deal with a new found single life and adjust getting back into the dating game. Finally Daniel who is the funny one and the most blunt out of the group. Daniel is denying his feeling for a close friend of the group Chelsea played by Mackenzie Davis. What really makes the story good is the relationship between the three guys who play off each other very well. Once Mikey founds out his marriage is over it's up to Jason and Daniel to help him get back on his feet. The fellas make a pact that they will all remain single no matter what. However things don't work out as plan as Jason and Daniel meet women who can threaten the pact. For the sake of spoilers I won't go any deeper into the plot. I will say that the story does suffers from some typical cliches that plagues most romantic comedies. Some cliches like a couple breaking up and getting back together, random death to bring the couple together, the big I love you speech and you don't realize what you have till it's gone. Other than the standard cliches this movie was entertaining. The film lives up to the title of That Awkard Moment. It's has some serious awkard moments that will have you laughing. One awkard moment involves viagara and another involves a costume party with Zac Efron character. While the film has some funny moments it's when the film reaches some dramatic tones is where it shines. Watching Mikey trying to save his marriage was probably the most interesting story arc out of the three guys. Mikey's character had more heart and more to loose in terms of story and watching him go through depression and trying to hold onto to something that is no longer there was great. Overall the story has it's funny moments but it suffers from the typical cliches. It's not a deal breaker by any means it's still enjoyable film to watch.

Acting - The acting is well done from everyone in the cast. Efron, Jordan and Teller have great chemistry with each other. I would love to see these three in another movie together. The chemistry between the guys and the female counterparts are great as well. Imogen Poots is great as Ellie and she has great chemistry with Efron when they're on screen. Jessica Lucas does a great job as Vera. Her character didn't get too much screen time but her scenes with Jordan we're a pleasure to watch. She was the character that you would love to hate. Finallly Mackenzie Davis is great as Chelsea. Chelsea can come off as a tomboy but she's has her layers and sweet side and Davis displayed that well.

Music - The soundtrack is pleasure to the ears. While it doesn't rely to heavy on an orchestrated composition, instead it uses insert songs from various artist to set the tone. Artist such as Night Drive, Elliphant, Vogel and many more. The film has a wide selection of songs that is worthy of an original soundtrack.

Final Thoughts - "That Awkward Moment" is an entertaining romantic comedy. The cast is great and shows great chemistry all around. The story is good but it does suffer from the typical cliches that you see in romantic films and the female characters could of had their backstories flush out a little more. Efron and Teller are great but the show stealer is Michael B Jordan and Imogen Poots with their performances. The film is fun, has some good looks from the male prespective of relationships and offers a few laughs. It's a good date film to take your significant other.