Lenni Reviews: In These Words Chapter 6

***This book has adult content! You have been warned!***

After many hours of swagbucks, I finally got enough gift cards to get the next chapter of In These Words by Guiltpleasure from Kobo. I'm a little annoyed I can't get it in print but I'm not willing to wait for more chapters to come out to make another print volume and the digital copies look effing fantastic in my iPad so it's all worth it.

Mild spoilers ahead here. Nothing too big because you need to go read this.

After the EPIC cliffhanger from volume one, Keiji is loose in the house with Katsuya and the only cop guarding them incapacitated - possibly dead - giving Keiji all the time in the word to do whatever he wants with the doctor he claims to love. And thanks to the cop's handy dandy taser, Katsuya is at the mercy of whatever this psycho murderer has in mind.

Once again, I cannot stress the amount of smut in this book. It is beautifully unflinching. The chapter is short, so there isn't much time for Keiji and Katsuya to have that intriguing interplay they had in volume one, but it takes no time at all for Keiji to meet Lecter levels of creepy. I am dying to find out what happens next but I also kinda don't because it just won't seem to end well for Katsuya.

Despite not having paper to hold in my hands, I am so glad I can nab these chapters as they come out. They're a little pricey ($6.99-$7.99) but hey, they got me to buy the first 6 chapters. I think you should, too.

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