Five DC Characters Dwayne "The Rock "Johnson Will Be Great As

In recent news Dwayne Johnson tweeted that he had a big meeting with Warner Bros CEO in regards to DC Comics. People have already speculated that he might be involved in the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie in someway. However if this is the case who can the great one portray in the Man of Steel universe. Five characters come to mind when I think of Dwayne Johnson and his acting ability. Check it out.

The Tweet

John Stewart/Green Lantern

Johnson has had plenty experience of playing the tough guy see his role in Fast 6 and even G.I. Joe Retaliation. I think Johnson can pull off John Stewart if he is chosen for the role. He has enough range to depict a solider and a no nonsense Green Lantern. However he might have to slim down a bit and get back to way his body was back in Wrestlemania 18 era.


One thing we can't deny about Johnson is that he has a lot of charmisa and energy. In order to play a character like "The Main Man" you're gonna need a lot of energy, charmisa and charm to bring him to life. We seen in the film "Pain & Gain" that Johnson can make us laugh with his delivery and he can also be serious as we seen in "Snitch." Johnson is already well built to play Lobo so his figure shouldn't be a problem.

Black Adam

Johnson is a really lovable guy so to see him to take on the villain role with Black Adam will be welcomed. He sort of play the villain in "Doom" but his skills as an actor has progress over the years. I think he will make a great villain given the right material and adversary in Henry Cavill's Superman.

Photoshop Picture of Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

Martian Manhunter

One of the most least talked about members of the Justice League is Martian Manhunter. Honestly I think if Johnson was cast for this role it will give Manhunter more exposure in the mainstream. Manhunter is one of the key figures in the Justice League and an important one. It will be about time he gets the live action treatment that he deserves.

Black Manta

If Aquaman is going to be featured in the DC film universe then he will need a worthy adversary. Black Manta is the character that fits the bill. Aquaman is going need some star power if the film is going to be successful. Who else better than Dwayne Johnson to headline the film.