Cosplay Girl of The Week #108 (Sweet Pea From Sucker Punch)

Another week, another Cosplay Girl of The Week. This time we head to the world of Sucker Punch with Sucker Punch girl Sweet Pea. The cosplayer name is Jasmine from New York and we had a little chat with her which you can read below. This was taken last year at our time at New York Comic Con. Photo was taken by our friend Young Jeohn site How long have you been cosplaying?

Jasmine: I have been cosplaying since 2012 I was Poison Ivy at 2012 New York Comic Con. What made you choose Sweet Pea from Sucker Punch?

Jasmine:  really loved Sucker Punch and I was going back an forth between Babydoll and Sweet Pea. I really love the Sweet Pea costume because it's very sexy and knight like. She's a very strong and fierce character that's what I like about it.