Ten of The Best Cartoon Shows From Disney In The 90's

Today I was feeling the nostalgic bug, because I was having a conversation with my friends about cartoons from the 90's. Last March I wrote an article entitled "Why Cartoons of The 90's Rule" (/www.otakusandgeeks.com/akusandgeeks.com/2012/03/why-cartoons-of-90s-rule.html) but this time I wanted to dedicate my time to one particular company that really had some great toons in the 90's. Disney just like Nickelodeon ruled my childhood in the 90's. As a mid 80's baby I had the pleasure of growing up with cartoons like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Swat Kats, Captain Planet and many more. While most cartoons of the 90's was special in it's own way Disney had something that just stayed. Here is my pick of ten of the best cartoon shows from Disney in the 90's.

1. Ducktales

You can't talk about the 90's era of Disney cartoons without mentioning Ducktales. Ducktales is one of the greatest cartoons of the 90's era for many reasons. Ducktales had great characters, moral themes and a theme song that will never leave you. However what really made Ducktales standout is it's protagonist Scoorge Mcduck. Scoorge was always a pleasure to watch whether he was being a wise guy or being a family man with this nephews. Scoorge was somebody you could count on when the chips were down and it was always great to see what the next adventure would be.

2. Darkwing Duck
I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the ingrown toenail on the foot of crime. I am the zit that forms when you've got a really big date. I am the impacted wisdom tooth... I am Darkwing Duck. How can you not love a crime fighter who introduces himself to his adversary every time? Darkwing Duck is actually my favorite cartoon from Disney. What I loved so much about it was the characters and Darkwing's interaction with the villains. I loved how every week I didn't know which villain will be the adversary. I remember I had to wait weeks for a Liquidator episode or a Negaduck episode. Darkwing's stories were fun but really heartwarming when it came to his interaction with his adopted daughter and it's a series I won't forget.

3. Chip N Dale Resuce Rangers

Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers was one of Disney best creations. Think of The Hardy Boys with two chipmunks, a mice, a mouse and fly and you have Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers. Chip N Dale wasn't just a great kid's detective show but the first few episodes had a lot of heart. I still remember the pain of Gadget telling the story about her father's passing. The show had one of the most entertaining Disney villains Fat Cat. I love how Fat Cat was like a mob boss of the city always committing some crime and plotting evil deeds.

4. Goof Troop

Goof Troop did something that we hadn't seen in the classic Disney cartoons of the 50's and 60's. Goof Troop took one of it's most iconic characters and made him a family man. For once we got to see Goofy live a normal live raising his son Max and dealing with everyday stuff.

5. Gummi Bears

This show had me looking in supermarkets as a child for the famous Gummi Bear juice. One thing I love about Gummi Bears was set in the medieval times. This show had kings, queens and knights and some pretty good action scenes for it's time. It wasn't the most popular toon but it was definately different from the rest.

6. Gargoyles

There is a reason Gargoyles has such a cult follwing. One of the reasons was the amazing animation and cool character design. The animation and tone reminded me of Batman TAS especially the antagonist David Xanatos. Xanatos designs remind of the same look Batman TAS had.

7. Recess

There has never been a show like Recess that has captured the joys of lunch time break we all waited for during class. Recess was the total package of a cartoon that kids can relate too. You had the insecurity of being different, politics between the older students and younger students and of course the experience of your first kiss. Recess had a great cast not just with the inital group of T.J. and the gang but also with supporting cast like King Bob. Recess needs to come back for a whole new generation.

8. Aladdin

One of the best Disney movies also had a hit cartoon series. Aladdin continue the adventures of Aladdin, Jasmine and Genie as they deal with problems and threats in Agrabah. My favorite epsiode was when Jasmine had some competition for Aladdin's heart.

9. Talespin

Sky Pirates and an awesome sidekick in Kit made Talespin a great show. You can't talk about classic 90's cartoons without mentioning Talespin.

10. Pepper-Ann

On Saturday mornings I would watch the Disney cartoon block on ABC. Pepper-Ann was one of those that I truly enjoy. While Recess focuses on the playground, Pepper-Ann focused on the life a junior high school girl. It gave a nice outlook on what a junior highschool girl might be thinking and feeling at the time.

That wraps it up for our choices for ten best cartoon shows from Disney in the 90's. What is your favorite Disney cartoon from the 90's and what will be in your top ten. Let us know in the comment section.