Five Reasons Why Ben Affleck Will Be A Great Batman

Ever since Ben Affleck was announced as Batman there has been endless debates whether he was a good casting choice. Many geeks (not all) feel that he's not qualify due to his role in the 2003 film Daredevil. However I think Ben Affleck is a good choice and I have five reasons why. Check it out below.

Reason 1: 2003 Ben Affleck is not 2013 Ben Affleck

To say an actor is not qualify for a role because of a couple of flops is unfair. There is no actor walking this planet that has a perfect record. Flops are bound to happen. Has Ben Affleck done some questionable roles yes he has but so has everyone. Can you name one actor in the history of films who has a perfect record with no flops or where they were miscast? Even Denzel Washington had  several flops anyone remember the movie "Virtuosity" with Russel Crowe? To say Ben Affleck can't play Batman because of Daredevil is not a strong enough argument of why he can't be Batman. I will admit Ben's Affleck career choices in the early 2000's wasn't the best however that is the past. It's now 2013 not 2003 and you can't compare someone from what they once were to what they are now. People progress, people mature up and over time Ben's Affleck has done just that. His recent projects like "The Town" and "Argo" have shown his diveristy and maturity as an actor and filmmaker. Affleck is more smarter on what movies he will have his name on and that gives me hope.

Reason 2: Ben Affleck Looks The Part

If I was going to based this on the comics and by picture comparsion. I would say out of all the Batman's so far I would say Affleck resembles Bruce Wayne the most. In recent stills of Ben Affleck on the set of his new film "Gone Girl" he's already bulked up for Batman. He was recently told to slow it down until the filming of "Gone Girl" is completed. Apperance wise Ben Affleck looks like Bruce Wayne, however with so many incarnations of Bruce Wayne in the comics anybody could look like Bruce. However one signature thing Affleck does have that the previous Batman's didn't is the chin and facial structure. Also after googling pictures of Affleck and seeing certain facial expressions, I think he will capture the darkness of Batman very well especially in the eyes.

Reason 3: This Is A Much Older Dark Knight

As previous describe by Warner Bros this Batman will be tired, weary, and seasoned. I'm not expecting a Batman that was without hope and depressed like in "The Dark Knight Rises." I' am expecting a Batman that is established and shows how his battles have taken a toll on him. I think the more mature Ben Affleck will be able to showcase this just fine. If you need some proof of Ben Affleck recent acting range watch his role in Argo, The Town, The Company Men and even Runner Runner.

Reason 4: Ben Affleck Has Experience As An Actor & Director

I know his Daredevil is labeled one of the worst performances in a superhero movie. I still cringe at his delivery of here comes the C train. However I think having the experienced of Daredevil will benefit him greatly. Affleck will have the knowledge of what fans are expecting to see when it comes to a superhero film and what they expect for a performance. I believe he is mature enough to research key story arcs of The Dark Knight to give us a Batman we have been waiting for. I think his Batman will have the detective aspect that was lacking in The Dark Knight Trilogy. Remember in Dark Knight Trilogy Batman had Alfred and Lucious Fox do most of the detective work. In addition I think his knowledge as a director will benefit Zack Synder. Affleck can help Synder on pacing, character development and helping out the actors as well. I think having that experience in front and behind the lens will be wonderful and is a great addition to the DC/Warner Bros team.

Reason 5: We Said The Same Thing About Ledger & Anne Hathaway

When Heath Ledger was announced as The Joker most people thought it was a horrible choice. It was only until his performance was shown that many started to believe. Anner Hathaway suffered the same treatment when she was first cast. The moral of the story is don't judge yet until we see the performance. As stated early the Affleck of 2003 is not the same man he is today. I will remain optimistic until I see clips and the full performance.