Lenni Reviews: The Supervillian Field Manual by King Oblivion

Ever wonder how to style your lair? Aquire minions? Dress to distress? Well, wonder no more because The Supervillian Field Manual by Matt Wilson and Adam Wallenta will show you the do's and don't's towards supervillain etiquette.

For me, this book is right up there with Vampire Haiku and So Now You're a Zombie, I enjoy these books despite the fact I can't really see reading them more than once. These are the ultimate comics fan coffee table books; chock full of good "advice" and comic factoids from multiple universes. And it's hilarious to read since I can recall Wilson's work on Cracked.com, I expected the jokes to be exactly what they were; dry and a bit sarcastic. Perfect for me.

If you already own books like this, this is a worth addition to your collection. The illustrations are cute, the jokes are funny, and all in all, I'm left with a smile on my face. I declare it a success.

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