Interview With WWE Superstar Kane

At New York Comic Con 2013 we had a chat with WWE Superstar Kane about his upcoming movie "See No Evil 2." We talk about acting, difference between his character compare to horror icons and many more. With being in the ring and having to do things live all the time. How different is it to be filming a movie that takes multiple takes?

Kane: With a live audience you're able to feed off the energy from the crowd which you don't get on the movie set. In an live setting you're very interactive with the audience which gives us an instant set of gratification because if we do something good the live audience reactions, if it's not good we're like oh man that wasn't good. In film you have to generate the same emotion or do the same emotion slightly different in this take is difficult. I guess that's the art of acting and I have a lot respect for actors after doing it a couple of times. What made you return back to the role of Jacob?

Kane: I really wanted the opportunity of working with the Soska's Sisters. After working with them I'm a huge fan of theirs. They know the art of film making and I learned a lot of them. I wanted to try acting again because acting is fun and we have a great experience crew which made it really great. How has Jacob character change or progressed from the previous film?

Kane: I think we add more personality in this one to give the audience more attachment to him. In the first movie Jacob was really a sympathetic character his mother was the bad guy. In this one however I don't think he's quite sympathetic but you do get moments where you get a glimpse into his mind and the workings that is going on in his head. How does Jacob separate from other slasher icons like Freddy or Jason?

Kane: What's cool about Freddy is he's a smart alec and that's what make him unique. What separate Jacob is his personality and he has a little more depth to his character than Jason or Michael Myers he's a bit more human with the exception of Freddy. Plus Jacob is bigger and more physically stronger he's like a hybrid of Freddy and Jason. Being Kane everyday did it help for the role of Jacob? Was it hard to separate the characters?

Kane: Jacob and Kane are definitely separate characters so it was easy to separate the two. However with Jacob it wasn't easy at times because there was particular scene that was pretty brutal to do. Any stories working on the set?

Kane: The film is shot in Vancouver in a mental institution which was shutdown. Everybody in the crew had a ghost story about this place. There is a creepy tunnel in the location we were filming, so we decided to go down and I started taking pictures hoping to find orbs hoping to see something, but truthfully I didn't want to see anything. We might of see something that actually would've scared Kane. Would you like to do more films in the movie?

Glenn Jacobs (Kane): Maybe it is a lot of fun. Maybe a romantic comedy as weird as that sounds.

                               Kane during our interview