Interview With Lorne Balfe (Composer of Beyond: Two Souls) "Beyond: Two Souls" is your latest videogame soundtrack. Can you tell us on how you came abroad to work on this project?

Lorne Balfe: David Cage contacted Hans and myself over a year and a half ago about Beyond. What I found intriguing was the first thing David said to me about the game was that the last thing he wanted was "game music!” David has a wonderful passion for games that is rare to find. He wants to push the boundaries. David is hard to please and this makes being a composer fun! What is the difference between working on a videogame soundtrack compared to working on a film?

Lorne Balfe: There isn't a difference. The music has to help contribute to telling a story. The only difference I can think of is the sheer mass amount of music required. In a film, I will tend to write about an hour and fifteen minutes of music. On Beyond, I think I wrote over four hours of music. Is it more challenging or a little bit easier trying to find the sound for a videogame as opposed to finding the right sound for a film?

Lorne Balfe: They are both as equally as difficult. I spent months trying to write the Jodie’s theme for Beyond. David was very clear with want he wanted. The music for her had to reflect her life and the obstacles she faced in her life. The back-story and the character of Jodie was just the same as any film's character I have ever worked on. You have collaborated with Hans Zimmer on many projects such as The Dark Knight Rises, The Bible and many more. What is like working with him?

Lorne Balfe: It is a truly unique experience. The guy is a genius! Apart from being one of the best composers in the industry, he is a great storyteller. He understands film more than most directors. He has worked on every genre of film, television, and games. I worked for Hans for 8 years and learning from him was a privileged experience. He understands the filmmaker and can translate what they want. Can you tell us the process of scoring a videogame? What is usually the first few steps you take approaching a project?

Lorne Balfe: It is the same process as a film. You begin with a lot of talking. You have to fully understand where the director is coming from. You can’t just simply write a theme. One has to understand the characters and plot to fully understand the musical vocabulary. "Beyond: Two Souls" has a very cinematic approach in the ways of storytelling, the way it looks and the way it's played. After hearing parts of the soundtrack it feels like a soundtrack that you would hear in a movie thriller mystery. Is that how you wanted to approach the soundtrack?

Lorne Balfe: I never thought of it that way. I wrote music that represented what was on the screen and the development of Jodie's life. She faces many obstacles and the music had to represent this. Is there any form of entertainment that you would love to compose music for but haven't?

Lorne Balfe: I would love the challenge of a ballet or an actual orchestral commission but would most likely freeze in fear over the challenge! Since you have composed music for some of the biggest titles in videogames we have to ask do you play videogames? If so what games are you currently playing?

Lorne Balfe: In 24 hours I plan to play Beyond, and not leave the house until I finish it!
Unlike a film, I never fully see how the project comes together. What will be your next project?

Lorne Balfe: I have recently finished a fantastic film called Blackwood starring Ed Stoppard and Sophia Myles that is about to premiere at the London Film Festival!