Shattered Planet Showing At Boston FIG

As some of you might know the Otakus & Geeks game will be attending this year's Boston Festivial Of Indie Games. This convention showcases the indie developers of the state of Boston. One of the developers that will be there is the group called Kitfox Games. Kitfox will have a demo of their RPG game entitled "Shattered Planet." Shattered Planet is a survival-strategy RPG with randomised planets and dozens of crazy items at your disposal. As the Blight devours all light and life in the Universe, you are tasked with finding the only cure: the Amulet of Yendor, left behind aeons ago on the war-shattered human homeworld. Venture ever deeper into Old Earth's wilderness and try to survive as long as you can! The game will be released on PC and Tablets early next year. Here are some screenshots of the game and  more coverage of "Shattered Planet" when we hit Boston FIG.