Karneval Review

 If you like the circus when you were younger, "Karneval" is anything but prancing clowns, trained animals, and beautiful acrobatics. "Karneval" is about how two people Nai and Gareki, who met at a very weird situation. Nai was looking for a long lost friend until he was captured and about to be killed by a woman. Geraki comes in and has the intentions to rob the woman. Come to find out the woman is not really a woman and the two boys run into an organization called "Circus", which is like the Men in Black but they actually disguise themselves by being in a circus. So now these two boys are now stuck in this organization and travel with this mysterious "Circus" to many new adventures.

Characters: I love these characters. Geraki is my favorite because of his bad boy attitude but Nai has a cute factor which will be explained later in the series. Yogi is adorable but has a 360 later in the series that I did not expect. The characters are awesome and mysterious as "Circus" itself.

Music: I love the opening song for it has a rock feel, but the ending song really takes the show and put it into a campy, circus, type feel which makes sense because they hide their identities by being in a circus. I listened to some of the OST and I love it. It's jazzy and it fits this anime well.

Overall: A-
    I have only seen up to episode 8 so this is what I think based on what I've seen. Its a great show with great music and dynamic characters. If you enjoy mystery, fun, beautiful artwork, and all around action, then come on down to the one and only "Karneval"!