Beyond: Two Souls OST Review

On October 8th 2013 the latest game from Quantic Dream the studio behind games such as "Heavy Rain" and "Fahrenheit" will release "Beyond: Two Souls" starring Ellen Page and William Dafoe. We had a chance to listen to the upcoming OST for the game. The OST is composed by Norman Cordbeil who unfortunately died early in January. The unfinished work was finished by Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe. Does this soundtrack go beyond or is this nothing special?

If I would describe the soundtrack's tone it will be a mix of intensity and emotional drama. Based on the music alone you can tell that the game is going to have some intense and emotional moments. If Cordbeli laid the bases then Zimmer and Balfe finished the soundtrack with a grand slam. "Beyond: Two Souls" soundtrack is a beautiful, haunting and cinematic to say the least. Listening to certain tracks can puts you right into the personality of certain characters. For example the track Jodie's theme has a choir with the use of strings, the choir sings softly throughout the track. It makes you think that the character Jodie has a touch of innocence to her. The soundtrack can be heard similar to a movie score, it starts off slow and mellow but with each track the intensity picks up. Some standout tracks are "Beyond", "The Experiment", "The Infraworld" and "Jodie's Story." These tracks define the soundtrack and set the tone for the album and game. Overall I would give the soundtrack a listen it's even better if your readying a mystery or thriller book. The soundtrack is intense, emotional and has a cinematic feel you wouldn't expect from a videogame.

Final Rating: 8.5/B+