The Top 10 Episodes Of "How I Met Your Mother"

"How I Met Your Mother" is one of my favorite shows. After eight long years on the air this year will be the beginning of the end for this beloved series. Season 9 is around the corner and Ted Mosby will finally meet his future bride to be. I wanted share my choices of what I think are the top ten episodes of "How I Met Your Mother." The choices are made based on comedy, emotional impact, story and character development. This article will contain spoilers so if you haven't seen all eight seasons I suggest you skip this for now.

Number 10: As Fast As She Can (Season 4: Episode 23)

This is one of my personal favorites on the list. In this episode Ted’s former fiancée Stella returns and tries to convince Ted to help her get back with the man she left Ted for. This episode has some really great commentary on how we handle situations when an ex returns. Ted handles this situation like a gentleman and instead of being bitter agrees to help Stella. This episode also has one of my favorite moments as Ted finally vents his frustration of not finding the one. On the comedy side of things this episode we see Barney trying to get his way out of a speeding ticket.

Number 9: Symphony Of Illumination (Season 7: Episode 12)

"Symphony Of Illumination" is probably one of the most emotional episodes in the entire series. This episode explores Robin feelings about having kids. When we are first introduced to Robin she is very adamant about not wanting kids because she is very career driven. This episode we find out that she is not capable physically of having kids which really changes her whole perspective on having kids. In this episode Robin is narrating the story in Barney’s apartment telling this episode to her imaginary kids. It’s a heartbreaking episode where we see Robin coming to terms that one option she can never had.

Number 8: Trilogy Time (Season 7: Episode 20)

Every three years Ted, Barney, Marshall gather together and watch the original Star Wars trilogy. While watching the trilogy the boys imagine what life would be like three years in the future. What made this episode great was the balance of outrageous what if scenarios and the serious tone of Ted giving up hope of not finding true love. The highlight moment of the episode is at the end where Ted brings a girl to the sacred Trilogy Time. This moment is touching and makes you smile for Ted.

Number 7: The Time Travelers (Season 8: Episode 20)

Time Travelers had some mix reviews and a very different concept from any other episode. In this episode we see Ted's emotion as the focal point of the episode, he's in the bar talking to his future self and it's later revealed that he's in the bar by himself the entire time. The highlight of this episode is Ted's speech to the mother which is a tear jerker.

Number 6: The Leap (Season 4: Episode 24)

"That was the year I was left at the altar. The year I was beat up by a crazy bartender. The year I got fired. The year I got beat up by a goat, a girl goat at that. And dammit, if it wasn't the best year of my life. Because if any of those things hadn't happened, I never would have ended up in what turned out to be the best job I ever had. But most importantly, I wouldn't have met your mother. Because, as you know, she was at that class. But that story is just beginning." This episode had one of Ted's defining moments as he comes to term that things are happening for a reason. Everything that has happen is building up to the moment he meets the mother. This episode also starts the path of Robin and Barney's relationship. Lilly gives a great speech about taking risk and the goat steals the episode with it's appearance.

Number 5: Slapsgiving (Season 3: Episode 9)

Ted and Robin still can't be around each other after they break up six months before. Marshall and Lilly host the groups first Thanksgiving together as a married a couple. Finally Barney is in for another slap that will happen anytime. The highlight of this episode is Barney and Marshall interaction. Marshall continues to taunt Barney that the slap is coming and when it finally happens it pays off well.

Number 4: Girls vs Suits (Season 5: Episode 12)

Barney has to decide whether to give up suits in order to bang a hot girl. Ted gets one step closer to meeting the mother and this episode has a musical number.

Number 3: Ted Mosby, Architect (Season 2: Episode 4)

Ted and Robin have they first fight and Barney tries to convince Ted that women love architects. Through out the course of the night Barney poses as Ted which leads him to a one night stand with one of the most legendary letters ever.

Number 2: The Naked Man (Season 4: Episode 9)
The Naked Man, where one takes advantage of a distraction in order to shed their clothing and surprise their date with nakedness in the hope of receiving sex by means of humor, pity or sheer spontaneity.This episode is hilarious as Barney and Ted try to reenact this move taught by Mitch who used it on Robin. There is also a cool Dark Knight reference at the end. 

Number 1: Come On (Season 1: Episode 22)

This episode holds a special place for a lot of fans. This is the one where Ted finally gets Robin which sets up many storylines to come. We see the end of Marshall and Lilly relations in one of the most shocking moments in the early season. Finally Ted's rain dance is hilarious.

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