Lenni Reviews - Noble V: Greylancer by Hideyuki Kikuchi

This novel is supposed to tell the story of the Three Thousand Year War from the Vampire Hunter D universe. Greylancer; vampire noble named for his weapon, is tasked with defending his race from anti-noble rebels and Outer Space Beings (aka: OSB's). 

I tried so hard to like this book. I enjoy Vampire Hunter D. It's one of my favorite animes but this book was so boring, I couldn't finish it. As a scifi geek, I found the holes in this book too large to ignore. People, places, and events pop in and out and you don't know why or if they were even important. I was so bored, I couldn't bring myself to care about anything anyway. There is nothing about the book that gives me the same sense as the anime or the comics of a dry landscape where humans struggle to survive in contrast with the decadent nobles who rule them. 

In general, this is a far cry from any book I've read set in this universe. I couldn't wait to put it down so I could go read something else. I'd skip this one if I were you, friends.

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