Geeks Who Do Music: EP Review - Jowin Actually Has Friends by Jowin

One thing I love is listening to my fellow geeks music. A while back we feature hip hop artist Jowin in our Geek Who Do Music section (/ Many geeks will know Jowin from his hit song "Cosplay Girl." Jowin is back with an all new EP "Jowin Actually Has Friends." The 5 song EP is smooth, creative, fun and it's something hip hop fans should check out. 

The EP opens up with a smooth, relaxing track "Can't Stay Away" it's a great opener with cool vocals and lyrics. It does a great job of setting the tone of the EP. The next track is when Jowin starts showing his lyrical skills with the song "Commute." The song paints imagery of Jowin traveling and trying to tune out his surroundings. The song chorus is catchy and the lyrics are spot on for the concept Jowin is going for. The next track is absolutely my favorite track of them all. The third track "All Alone" is the show stealer of the EP. The song's catchy amazing jazzy beat grabs you from the first ten seconds, and the chorus song by artist FYUTCH is fitting for the track. Jowin uses some geeky references in this song which he clever manages to weave into the concept of the song. Jowin and FYUTCH chemistry is what makes this song work, they play off each other styles very well and with clever lyrics and great production this is the must listen track on the EP. The final two tracks "Please Save Mii" and "Stranger" are two great songs to close the EP.

Final Thoughts: "Jowin Actually Has Friends" is a wonderful EP. It makes you want more tracks from Jowin and see what else he will come up with in the future. Each song concept fits, the features are just as talented and the production will make true hip hop fans smile. It is a valid effort and showcase on someone I believe is just warming up.

Track listing & Ratings

1.Can't Stay Away (4.5/5)
2. Commute (4.5/5)
3. All Alone feat FYUTCH (5/5)
4. Please Save Me (4.5/5)
5. Stranger (4.5/5)

Final Grade: 4.5/5 AWESOME!

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All Alone By Jowin

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