Lenni Reviews: Rogue Touch by Christine Woodward

Rogue is my favorite character. In fact, I stopped reading X-Men comics for years because I felt she didn't get enough screen time to warrant my money. That changed but now I'm broke. So, when Rogue Touch by Christine Woodward came across my desk, I was excited but reticent. It's just a kick in the chest when your favorite character and childhood idol gets a crappy novel but I went into this novel with an open mind.

This novel explores the life of a young Anna Marie; a runaway who's mutant powers have just manifested and left her boyfriend Cody in a coma. Eighteen and barely making it, she encounters fellow outcast James outside the bakery where she works just standing there watching her. After getting fired and her boss accidentally touching her skin, she goes on the run and encounters James doing the same. Together, they crisscross the country, getting closer but also getting into trouble.

Woodward absolutely nailed a young and lost Rogue, already feeling lonely and heartbroken in a world she can never touch. You just want to hug her; even though that would probably kill you. The poor girl can't catch a break so it's almost a relief when she says "Screw it" and bolts out of town with the handsome and mysterious stranger. The set up is pretty standard romance novel fair; guy with hidden secrets and girl with hidden secrets meet up, fall in love, and their secrets inspire wacky hijinks. Typical but certainly not boring or sappy. Rogue was always a warmhearted woman in the comics and it shows through in this novel with how she wants to get close to her fellow fugitive help him with his "I'm an alien being hunted by my own kind" problem.

I was rooting for these two with "Young Turks" stuck in my head. The story is told in Rogue's voice and I was very grateful to have the prose written out instead in her thick southern accent. While endearing, such accents can be difficult to read at times and using my imagination to hear that smexy southern drawl was much better and allowed me to flow right through the very evenly paced and tight writing. Just like any romance involving Rogue, all you want is for everything to turn out ok because they are so obviously attracted to one another but, as is wont to happen in this genre, the universe quite literally will not let them be.

There is a coming of age aspect to this adventure and it's a fun road trip story, even with the danger. I was excited to find out how it would all turn out and enjoyed every minute. If you like Rogue and you like a little romance with your mutants than you can't really go wrong with Rogue Touch. I enjoyed it and I think you will, too.

Rogue Touch will be released on June 18th, 2013.
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