This past weekend, life got real ruffly, as we packed our bags of ruffles & bows and art wares to head to Atlanta, GA for FRILL, a rather newly created gathering convention for lolitas across the states. Scheduled to tattoo, I was able to fully serve my clients even into the start of the convention. After which, there was a major shift in my cute attitude as I got ready to register and set up for Artist Alley.

Here's a bit of my first Lolita convention MISS-Adventure, of the FRILL sorts.
Affrilliation INC. is an Atlanta based corporation dedicated to promoting the American lolita scene both locally in Atlanta, as well as in the United States at large. We are the parent organization behind Frill- A Lolita Convention, and the Anime Weekend Atlanta Pop-Up Lolita Boutique, in addition to our other local events. As we continue to grow, we hope to be able to share our events with other lolita communities around the country, and work to showcase American lolita culture.

The staff as whole was very pleasant, though I only got a chance to speak with Andrea Baker, Afrilliations's CFO, in detail. who is just a doll! Immediately and without hesitation, she takes me to her "office" for thoughts, feedback, and possible ideas for future growth of both the convention and Lolita communities. After exchanging information, we were sure to part ways with frilly warm feelings of wanting to get some things done. 

FRILL, in its second year, was held at the quaint Courtyard Marriott in downtown Decatur. It seemed to be a few under 300 attendees drifting through the halls, during the con's main days. However, that is an eye-balled guess-timate on my part. On the flip side, it was confirmed that at least 15 states were represented tis time around. GO FRILL!

Friday was the "unofficial" start to Frill. A bit late (UGH!) from tattooing and running errands early in the day, I arrived to the fashion walk right at picture time. All fashions welcomed, a great deal of various J-fashions were represented. The stroll continued through downtown Decatur to end less than a block away from the con's host venue. At the stroll's end, refreshments were waiting where we could hang around, eat sweets (almost ANY lolita's favorite past time), snap pics, and commune with locals in the neighborhood.
After which, the pool party happened. And much like Vegas, what happened at the pool party and thereafter, stays at the pool party. *a kee kee lee* Just kidding! All the ladies had a wonderful time splashing around in mermaid tails and kawaii swimsuits in a 4 ft. swimming pool. 

The Programming
Very simple, clean, and straight forward, offered a well-rounded program for varying interests in Lolita. From natural hair care, to beer tastings, genderbending in lolita, J-fashion influences, Taobao, to men's etiquette and cake decorating. There were even panels on how to assist a lolita and how to be a nerd. Unfortunately, I did not get the opportunity to do much in the realm of panels ... with the exception of the beer tasting. Now that was a treat!

The People
Frill attracted a mixed crowd in lolita experience and lifestyle. Hopefully in the coming years, we will see more lolitas with other J-style mash-ups there. Overall, however, most people were extremely kind. As we passed in hallways there would be a smile and nod or a simple greeting as we passed by each other on the streets. Unfortunately, I am pretty shy in person so I found it, personally, hard and awkward to meet other lolitas. So I do suppose I have something to work on. However, I'm quite positive that had I gone to the silly games workshop, I would have been able to break the ice a bit better. >.<

My Experience. My Last-word
FRILL, though small, but like most cons, can be very overwhelming and tickle the senses. It is just enough to keep you wanting to experience more. So by the time it is over I don't think a sad "I'll miss you" kinda feeling is unnatural. I attribute some of my being reserved to having traveled and worked a long week so I have no complaints. However, as a learning experience, I would definitely make a note to leave some breathing room between the two, since they are equally as intense in my life.

I, personally, strive to have better experiences in lolita, both in and outside of my communities. So I have taken a lot of notes on what I can do to improve my personal and inner lolita for such occasions. For the little things like that, I would not trade my experiences at FRILL for the world. I would highly encourage more lolitas, like me- shy and reserved in person, tending to stick to their own- to go and experience. Maybe next year we can all go together ;-D

More to come so please stay tuned!
Be sure to paint your days bright!
~je t'adore! =^.^=