Sword Art Online DVD/Blu-Ray Release Dates Announced

Recently at their panel at Anime Boston, Aniplex of America Inc. announced their release plans for the hit anime series Sword Art Online in North America: 4 volumes per format, Limited Edition Blu-ray Box Set and Standard Edition DVD. Release dates are as follows: 
Volume 1 – Aincrad Part 1 - August 13th 
Volume 2 – Aincrad Part 2 - September 17th 
Volume 3 – Fairy Dance Part 1 - October 15th 
Volume 4 – Fairy Dance Part 2 - November 19th 

All SKUs will be available for pre-order and purchase through rightstuf.com and Aniplex’s official retailers (Aniplexusa.com/retailers) from May 28th . Each of the Limited Edition Blu-ray Box Sets will come with tons of bonus materials including Original Soundtrack CD (Vol.1 & 3) or Bonus DVD of English cast interviews (Vol.2 & 4), a deluxe 16 page booklet, illustration pin-ups as well as exclusive collectible card from Bushiroad. In addition, bonus contents on each Blu-ray discs will include audio commentary by creators and Japanese cast, Special Animation “Sword Art OFFline”, and more.

Pre-orders for all volumes begin today and can be ordered through Rightstuf and Official Retailers

Right Stuf:           Limited Edition Blu-ray Set Vol. 1: http://bit.ly/12gzPJS
DVD Set Vol. 1: http://bit.ly/12gzPJS