Five Great & Not So Great Moms In Anime

Happy Mother's Day to all the otaku and geeky mothers of the world. Today we will look at five anime moms some good and some not so motherly, but nether the less these moms were present in there children's lives. Since parents in anime usually are non existent or barely around we wanted to showcase the moms that are least around. Here are five anime moms.

Chi Chi (Dragonball Z)

When I think of a great mom in anime the first one that came to my mind was Chi Chi. Chi Chi is the type of mom who pushes her kids to be the best and to succeed. Especially when it comes to Gohan the only thing on Chi Chi mind was Gohan's education. She wanted Gohan to be a scientist and didn't want him risking his life all the time like Goku. Chi Chi also is a mother who will defend her children and family if need be and is very skilled in fighting if she needs to defend herself. Caring, protective and a mom that we salute.

Atsuko (Yu Yu Hakusho)

"Oh great mother of the year." -Sarcastically said by Yusuke Urameshi. Atsuko will definitely not be a contender for mother of the year. Atsuko is a mother that we rarely get to see in anime. She's a mother that is troubled has her own demons to face and all of this actually affects the way her child Yusuke acts. Atsuko is a mess, she parties too much, drinks too much and smokes too much and basically doesn't really care about Yusuke when we first meet her. However after Yusuke dies and comes back, we see Atsuko start to step it up a little as a parent. She tries to make sure Yusuke goes to school, makes sure he is eating well and not getting into too much trouble, however some of the old habits are hard to kill as Atsuko will still from time to time not be around. She's not a perfect mom, but at least she is present and tries from time to time.

Delia Ketchum (Pokemon)

When your mom let's you leave the house at the age of ten to explore the world and follow your dreams, you have a very cool mom. Some will say that Delia Ketchum is the worst mom there is letting her son travel by himself at a young age. However I have to disagree Delia is not stupid. She keeps tabs on Ash all the time. She calls him, he has to check in with her from time to time. Delia is always there to encourage, motivate and inspire Ash to do his best and with a support system that Delia provides, there is no doubt that Ash will be the best Pokemon master someday.

Emiko Niwa (D.N. Angel)

Emiko is a mother that is very blunt and straight to the point. She is a mother that has a very unique family history and she tries to keep that history in tact with her son Daisuke. Emiko tends to embarrass Daisuke all the time with her antics of revealing things to him in public, or setting obstacles courses that can actually kill him in the name of training. But deep down you have a woman who loves her son and wants him to succeed. Emiko is a very cool mother to have, once you get pass the fact that she can be a little crazy.

Eureka (Eureka Seven)

Granted Maurice, Maeter and Linck are not Eureka's birth children, but she did take them in after killing they family members. Eureka felt guilty when she realized what she done so she takes it upon herself to raise the three kids. As a woman still growing herself Eureka has a hard time learning how to discipline the kids until Renton comes along and shows her how. Eureka is caring, compassionate and willing to risk everything to protect these kids and regardless of what she did to the real parents, she surely did make up for it by stepping up and taking them in.