Ayakashi koi Emaki- Demon Love Spell Review

Hello  everyone. This is a review of the manga called Ayakashi Koi Emaki or in english Demon Love Spell. I hope you enjoy.

Synopsis: Demon Love Spell is about Miko, a novice shrine priestess who happens to exorcise a demon named Kagura that feeds on love...just by coincidence or pure luck. Now she is stuck with this handsome, lust hungry demon, that may have interests in her only as food or maybe much more.

Storyline: The story is different from other demon/human relationships. The protagonists is not so easily smittened by Kagura's  advances or antics in the beginning. Miko does blush but tries to cover it up my hiding her feelings. The manga is very good in this aspect and in a way Miko reminds me of Kagome in Inuyasha. It also has that same humor quality like when Kagome tells Inuyasha  to sit. Also it makes you think if humans and demons could live in the same world without the whole prey and predator, consumer v.s. food thing (I am purposefully being vague because I want you to read the manga).

Artwork: The artwork is very interesting and it is something to get used to. It reminds me of XXXHolic artwork or Clamp's artwork in general only because the faces look much different than the ones I am used to and it reminds me of Tsubasa Chronicles. But it is a very addicting manga to read and the artwork is beautiful.

Overall Grade: A-
I love the story and the artwork is exellent. It makes you wonder whether demons and humans could get along (as you will see throughout the story) and the comedy is on point. I hope you all love this manga as I do! Manga Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!