Interview With Robert Redford & The Cast Of The Company You Keep

We were at the "The Company You Keep" press conference on April 1st 2013. The film stars Robert Redford, Shia LaBeouf, Terrance Howard, Stanely Tucci, Brit Marling and Jackie Evancho. Redford, Tucci, Marling and Evancho were on hand for the press conference. Here are some of the questions that were asked. Most of the questions I had written down to ask, where asked so here it is. Mr. Redford what attracted you to the project?

Robert Redford: It was a book that I read about five or six years ago. That was the very start of this project, it was actually had a lot of plot-lines and stories and it capture my attention and Lem Dobbs came in with a screenplay, which took a lot of reshaping and rewriting. It was kind of sculpting. Brit what attracted you to the project?

Brit Marling: When I read the script I was really moved by it, about how this group is set in present day and how this radical group deals with they choices and would they make those same choices or do things differently now. I was really interested in that part of the story. Mr. Tucci how did you approach your character? You play a newspaper editor Ray Fuller how did that work out.

Stanely Tucci: I have to say it was all there on the page and it was very well written. I didn't have too much to do in terms of rehearsal and plus I had Shia who has great energy to work of. The scenes are very straightforward, but I do think Ray is the classic editor and he is especially an interesting character in this day and age. Jackie how this being your first movie how did it feel?

Jackie Evancho: I was extremely nervous and extremely honored to have the chance to act with these guys. I was really excited to get the role.

The Company You Keep Trailer Mr. Redford what would like people to take from this movie?

Robert Redford: There are probably a lot of things I would like people to take from this, but to simplify it I would like people to think. Some films are made not to necessarily for you think, but to make you feel a wonderful ride and it's over. Others make you at least ask a question afterwords and have you discuss it with somebody which I would prefer. The second thing will be a criticism I have. I don't think we're very good at looking at history as a lesson to be learn, so we don't repeat a negative historical experience. I think it's such an American traditional to be so busy pushing forward and driving forward and doing and doing, and we need to look back and say gee what can I do to learn from the mistakes from before. What made you interested in the journalist storyline cause Shia's character is very driven to get the story out.

Robert Redford: It's a tricky business when an artist messes with journalism.   The media plays such an important role in our society. I'm very concern if it's ever threaten, I think the internet has dramatically turn altered the landscape of journalism, because now you have so much information, sometimes too much information, now you have ask how do you find the truth sometimes it's far right and far left. In terms of this film, I saw Shia's character with a little hint of two stories I always loved growing up "The Phantom Of The Opera" because I always wanted to play that part and "Les Miserables." I saw similarities in Shia's character and mine in a sense to these two stories. The idea of Shia's character was too me was more interesting is he going after the story for his own gain, or going for it the truth. But what should be un-mistakable is what he learns. It was exciting to me. Final question how did you get Terrance Howard in the role?

Robert Redford: I met Terrance during Hustle and Flow and I thought he was really good, and I wanted him in the role, he's an amazing actor.