Interview With Matt Taylor Voice Of Sparky In The Fairly Odd Parents

We had a chat with voice actor Matt Taylor about his new role as "Sparky" in the upcoming season 9 show of "Fairly Odd Parents." Matt talks about what was it like to play Spark, how he found the voice and many more. What can you tell us about Sparky and what it’s like to voice this role?

I love Sparky! Sparky, to me, has an infinite capacity for fun and the magical ability to keep the fun coming. And he loves, loves, loves Timmy! What I love about voicing Sparky is his slightly unusual past with so many owners. He's been around, but still very innocent. So I get to play a really good character who still has a bit of mystery about him. It keeps Sparky from being too one dimensional and boring. You never know what's coming with him. How did you find Sparky’s voice?  Did it take a while to figure out, or did you know right away how you wanted him to sound?

Actually, in this case, Butch Hartman knew what he wanted from the outset. So for Sparky in particular the voice was easier to find. He told me he was looking for something like Rick Moranis' character in Ghostbusters. So I did watch his scenes and honed my impression to the best I could. Luckily, it was good enough for Butch! How did you land the role as Sparky?  You’ve work with Butch Hartman, The Fairly OddParents series creator, on another of his projects T.U.F.F. Puppy.  Did you have to audition or did he approach you to voice Sparky?

While I have worked with Butch on T.U.F.F. Puppy, I had to audition for Sparky just like everyone else. In all honesty, I think it did help that Butch knew me and knew what I bring to a character. Fortunately, it was what he wanted. Also, Butch is very loyal. He's worked with some of the same amazing actors for years, like the awesome Daran Norris and Grey DeLisle and the one and only Rob Paulsen. When you go in for your voice record sessions, are you alone or is the entire cast in the studio with you? What is that experience like?

This is the part where I sound like I've been prompted in my answer, but I haven't! It's honestly the best job ever! The whole cast records together. We also have Butch directing us and the writers are there as well, coming up with additions to the script on the fly as we record. We record two pages at a time. Then we do a second pass, then on to the next two pages. Sometimes this can take a while as (and this is absolutely true) we laugh so hard at a performance, we just have to stop. We're all laughing so hard. Also, I would be remiss if I didn't give HUGE credit to the ridiculously talented writers on FOP who make the funny we say every episode. They are brilliantly funny and incredibly generous. What was like working with this talented cast?

Oh, the banter in between pages is as fun as the read itself. All the actors on this show are hilarious personally. We riff non-stop between takes. There's nothing like sitting next to the genius Carlos Alazraqui as he riffs in whatever character's in his head and just goes off. Or Jeff Bennett's 1,000 voices. Unbelievable fun. How is voicing Sparky different than the other roles you play?

For me, it's actually more challenging. Sparky's a sweet guy through and through. So keeping him interesting and funny in such an insane cast of characters is something I always keep in the forefront of my thoughts when performing Sparky. Verminious Snaptrap on T.U.F.F Puppy is actually easier. He's insane. Absolutely nuts, with a silly mean streak a mile wide. So I just unleash my inner lunatic for him. Sparky makes me work harder, but it's ultimately better work I do. What would you wish for if you had your own fairy god parents?

The cornball (but absolutely true) answer is good health for my parents. They mean the world to me. The other wish? For Sparky and FOP to go on for as long as possible. Like I said before…. best job EVER!!!