Utada Hikaru Returns With Radio Show

If you don't know by now I' am a big Hikki fan. I have been a fan of Utada since her Cubic U days. In 2010 Utada took a hiatus from music and the entertainment world. She has appear from time to time to give us a song for Neon Genesis and a couple of movies, but she has been quiet. Well she announced on her Twitter that she will be hosting her own radio show."This is sudden, but I will start my own radio program beginning in April. It will be my first time having a regular program in 13 years. I wonder if I'll do fine...," - Utada. She will be on InterFM and the show is titled "KUMA POWER HOUR with Utada Hikaru." I don't care whether it's music, radio, podcast or whatever she does. It's good to see Hikki coming back in some form. Her radio show will begin on April 16th.