So Far in J-Fashion UPDATE!

It's been a while since we have just chatted about all around J-Fashion. I think it's time to get back to our roots. Don't worry though! It will definitely be sprinkled with a bit (okay a LOT!) of Lolita fashion.

So for the better part of March, this is what I have been obsessed within J-Fashion. Even the shared Lilttle Lolita Moment


Tokyo Girls Collection Spring/Summer 2013 was held in Tokyo this week. Over 30,000 young Japanese women converged on Harajuku for the 16th edition of Japan’s most famous one-day fashion event. Where traditional fashion shows focus on what’s coming to stores next season, next year, or never, Tokyo Girls Collection presents exactly what’s trendy on the Japanese street today, and allows attendees to instantly buy most everything they see on the runway. In addition to the fashion, TGC features celebrity appearances, performances by top Japanese musical groups, and more. Countless similar events have followed in their footsteps over the years, but there is still only one Japanese fashion show that is a do-not-miss for young trendy women all over Japan – Tokyo Girls Collection! (source: Tokyo Fashion)
A great time seemed to have been had during Harajuku Fashion Walk #15. Check out the video & more! by part contributor, part participant, The Rainbowholic

Gonna be in Tokyo in March? Make sue you head to HFW #16, March 31. 

Japan Fashion Week is taking over Tokyo next week. The capital city will host countless fashion shows, some of them open to the public, and the increasingly popular Shibuya Fashion Festival. (source: Japanese Streets
I am elated to share some of what designers have presented to the Japanese fashion market. Hopefully one day, this will be off my bucket list and I'll be attending in real life!

iOS Game: Line PLAY (Apple/ Android)
O-M-G!!!!! This game is everything a Lolita could play and more! I've literally been playing it with friends, fans, lolitas, people from Tumblr ... my gosh! EVERYONE!

Though I've shared some screen shots of my own, check out Milk White Girl's review of something so Lolita ... sooooo KAWAII!

If you decide to play, add us! (Usernames: ipukekawaii & milkwhitegirl)
My room ... before a full kawaii transformation!
Visiting friends & having imrpomtu sleep overs *a kee kee kee*

Next month's post will happen sooner than you think! So until then, thanks for being you & be sure to paint your days bright! >^.*<
~je t'adore!